Your child is bored with online education?πŸ‘€πŸ§›
Entertain your kid with a lot of crazy science and experiments at home.😍
Hurry up to catch our recent discounts and order the Electroplaydough kit, your child will learn a lot of science and electricity concepts.😎🀩
The kit contains more thanΒ  8 science and electricity experiments that your kids can do at home.
Your kid will learn: πŸ‘‡
🟒 Basic electricity concepts
🟒 How to make playdough that conducts electricity at home
🟒Electric circuit basics
🟒 Using playdough and simple electricity tools to make robots.
🟒 How to form and connect different circuits
🟒 How to differentiate between conductors and insulators
The kit contains:πŸ‘‡
🟠Needed science tools including
🟠Doodle Package, to recycle and color it
🟠Instructional guide book
🟠Parent guide book
🟠Scientist journey
🟠Precaution guide for your kids’ safety
🟠Bar code to access the video tutorials on STEAM Hubs website
Age +6
If you need any help, send us a message on our page or WhatsApp or call us on 01026132194
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